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January 14, 2015

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Nonfiction Writing

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Nonfiction Reading

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November Update November 3, 2014

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Dear Families,
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend! I can hardly believe that it is already November!

As I have told you before, my plan for this blog is to give you quick updates of the curriculum we have been working on, including pictures of our work, class anchor charts, and classroom activities that can be played at home. At this point in time, I am having trouble uploading pictures, so I am going to have to give you a typed version of your classroom update. Pictures will be up as soon as possible!

* We reviewed glued sounds (-ank, -ink, -unk, -onk,-ang, -ing, -ung, -ong) as well as closed syllable words (blog, top)- a word with one clap (syllable) with one short vowel that is “closed in” by at least one consonant.
* We are now learning closed syllable exceptions- one syllable words that are closed in with one or more consonants but have a long vowel (-ost, -ind, -olt, -old, -ild, -ive)
* Units 1-4 “trick words” (words we cannot sound out): your, was, shall, full, pull, both, talk, walk, done, goes, pretty, again, sure, please, use, animal, used

* The children are working in small guided reading groups as well as reading independently. We have had mini lessons on Character traits, Visualizing, Predicting, and Stepping into the WORLD of your story. (anchor charts pictures-coming soon!)

* The children have been working hard on personal narrative stories! Some have written several “small moment” stories while others have chosen to focus on just one or two. Each student has chosen one story, that have decided to publish. We will going through the editing process and publishing our stories by the end of next week!
* Our next writing unit will be on informational text. It will be directly linked to our Mexico unit in Social Studies.


* We have been playing a lot of games to in order to consolidate our combinations up to ten (1+7=8, 6+2=8, 4+4=8 etc) – ask your child what their “target” number is! Every time a student “masters” a new number combination we add a box to our graph!
* We practiced word problems and our “3 read strategy” (what is the problem about, what is the problem asking us, what is the important information).
* We have been practicing sharing our thinking for solving math equations. For example 8+7=15 (I know that double 8 is 16 so took away one more, I know that double 7 is 14 so added one more)
* Our upcoming unit will focus on place value as well as time and money.

Social Studies
* We have completed our study of the USA including talking about US landmarks, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
* We have explored maps and the globe.
* We have learned where we live- city, state, country, continent, and planet.
* We started to read about Mexico including the Day of the Dead and completing special activities related to this Mexican holiday.

* The children enjoyed keeping an observation journal and watching seeds grow in a bag. The students drew and described what they saw with their scientist eyes!
* We talked about the parts of a plant and the process of a seed growing.
* We made connections to our seed unit while visiting Drumlin farm.
* Our next science unit will be on the moon, sun and earth and how they connect. W will be asking the students to keep a moon journal at home (more information to follow!)

Ways to connect at home:

* To start the Mexico unit we came up with questions that we had. Although many will be answered during our unit, you could research a specific question your child had about Mexico or any other country!
* Talk to your child about the book you are reading with them or they are reading independently: what are the characters like? Make predictions and inferences. What is the main idea? What is the author trying to teach us?
* Tell and solve math stories using stuffed animals, coins or just verbally!
* Play math games with your child’s “target” number (ex. 7) “I’m showing you 3 how many am I hiding?” (use pennies, coins etc and hide in a bag/under a plate etc.)
* Have your child keep a calendar and mark important dates. Ask questions such as “How many days until November 16? How do you know?” (“I know today is the 5th and 10+5=15 and then I added 1 more)
* Practice trick words and vocabulary by making up silly sentences, songs or poems or make a memory game with index cards.

Dates to remember:
Tuesday 11th: No School-veterans day
Wednesday 26th: Early release Thanksgiving Break


November Reading Log

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Dear Families,

Today I sent home the November reading log. I decided to make a change to the log and have the students bring their filled in log to school each Friday. I felt that bringing it in on a monthly basis was hard for students because it was tough to keep track of and hard to remember to complete each and every night. To keep students on top of their reading, I would like for them to fill in their log each night and be sure to bring it in on Friday for me to check. One way for students to keep track of their log is if they keep it in their home folder and only take it out to fill in their reading when they have finished.

Thanks for all your support at home!


Ms. Keough


Drumlin Farm Field Trip! October 14, 2014

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Dear Families,

A reminder that this Friday, October 17th, Grade 2 has our first field trip to Drumlin Farm!

We ask that each child bring a small backpack (such as a small drawstring backpack if you have one) with a packed snack, lunch and drink.  Please keep in mind that they will be responsible for and carrying their backpack around so lighter items are recommended!  Your child should dress appropriately for the environment and weather: long pants (possibly tucked into sock or boots-NO SHORTS PLEASE!), layers (long sleeves/sweatshirt/jacket etc.), rain coat if necessary (no umbrellas please!).  We will begin boarding the buses around 8.45 so please make sure you are on time to school!

We will take part in a program inquiring around the farm, and looking at different types of seeds and plants to link to our seed dispersal science unit.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Reading skills we are working on in Reader’s Workshop!

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